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New video and single!

Here's two versions of Kennedy off our upcoming record, Thank You I'm Sorry.

We did this Loft Session video in an empty loft in Winnipeg's Exchange district with a 6-piece band. Big thanks to Chris Gaudry for making it look so good, Cam Leoppky for making it sound so good and Sean McMannus and Manitoba Music for making it all happen!

Here's the stripped-down version from the record:

WE'VE GOT A NEW ALBUM!!! One week left to Pre-Order

This is a pretty happy time in our lives. A very happy, and thankful time...

We wanted to send out an enormous message of gratitude.
Gratitude to every one of you who has already pre-ordered Thank You I'm Sorry…
It means so much to us to feel so supported by fans and friends and family.

We've already raised more than 20% of the costs of the album
and we're hoping in this last week to push all the way through to 100%
We're reaching out and wondering if you'd lend us a hand
taking on this next enormous venture in our lives.


If you wanted to go even further than pre-ordering an album, we've been having all kinds of fun putting together little extras like cooking you and your friends a meal or giving you one of our favourite books off our shelves, or a mix-tape made from our record collections.
We'll even take you fishing in the Whiteshell if you want!

A note on the beautiful artwork…
We're incredibly happy and honoured to have Paul Butler on board, doing the cover artwork.
Paul is an internationally renowned artist and is currently curating the Contemporary Art Exhibits at the WAG. THANK YOU PAUL!!!

Check out Indiegogo and get the album before its official release on September 23rd

We've put so much of our lives into this album. Some of these songs are 5 years in the making.
I don't quite know how to explain how it feels to hold these songs in our hands after all this time...

Summer News!

It's festival season again!
It's a Thursday, in June
Just after the solstice

A wet shirt draped over the back of every chair
Socks on curtain rods

My dryer is broken
Has never worked

I've got a bag full of damp clothes
A banjo, a guitar, and a plane ticket to Iqaluit

If you'd have asked me if I ever thought I'd get to see a place like Baffin Island,
a few years ago I may never have dreamed of it.
Or it would have seemed just that - a dream, some far off wish.
But lately, anything seems possible.
Dreams coming true before I can even dream them.
A beautiful strange theme in my life.

We've just come home from England where we played the Great Escape.
A festival on the sea full of incredible bands I'd never heard of.
Buffalo Daughter from Japan blew my mind...
Their show left me wide eyed and breathless.
Furious guitar tones and metronome time and moog and playful spoken sung lines full of pop and snarl. New favourite band. Hands down.

Iqaluit this weekend, to play Alianait.
To visit and laugh and make music with our friends.
(Kathleen, I hope you're ready for this.)
To witness the softness of late-night light when the sun hardly sets
Maybe I'll get another throat singing lesson or two...

In July, we're playing at the South Country Fair alongside some of my favourite songwriters. Kris Demeanor for instance. You don't know Kris Demeanor?
He wrote this piece of brilliance: I Have Seen The Future.

And then we're off to Kispiox, where we've wanted to play for years now and are finally make it happen. Trees and lakes and mountains and it's been way too long since we had a little road trip through B.C. Inevitably we end up pulling over because it's too beautiful to go on driving, and we pile out of the car and run up some hill or through some patch of forest until we're panting and exhausted.

Festivals are my happy place.
Barefoot and full of music and good foodstall food and dancing in the sun or the rain. Finding a new favourite band. Making a new friend. Every single person in a good mood. On vacation. It's a good good time.

Is there a festival near you we should come play?
Tell me about it... and I'll see what I can do!

Here it is! Our brand new music video for There Ain't No One!

The song is part of our Postcard EP, which is literally a series of limited-edition postcards featuring artwork by Crooked Brothers & friends from across the country, as well as a link where you can stream/download 3 brand new tracks AND watch the video!

The idea is that the postcards are collectable as art (we're only making 100 of each design), or you can download the tracks then send a note to a friend so they can download 'em too. Who doesn't like getting something in the mail? I mean, aside from Stephen Harper...

Jesse Crooked made the video using footage from our tours and travels in Europe, Cuba and across Canada taken on his old 8mm camera - no digital filters or plugins, just straight up film wackiness.

All of this is in anticipation of our Postcard Tour across the prairies Jan 30 - Feb 9. Can't wait to hit the road again - we're revisiting some old favourites and playing some exciting new places.

Nebulous Bird-Hand, 2013 by Jesse Matas, Oil on Hockey Tape

Up the Mountain Video!

Hey everyone. Here's a music video for Up The Mountain!

Directed By Jesse and shot by Matt.

All the footage if from Dark Cross - an amazing, ridiculous bicycle cross race that happens at night!


The Real Food Fight Video

This video highlights a farm raid that occurred in Manitoba, Canada that calls attention to the need for scale appropriate regulations for small scale farmers and processors to support the development of a sustainable local food system.

We were very honoured to provide the soundtrack to this video.

Check it out, get informed! Learn more here.

Festival Season Part 1: The North

Back from Europe and right around Canada. We spent a big chunk of July up north in Atlin, BC and in Yellowknife, NWT. What a privilege to see northern canada in the summer. Stay up all night with the sun. Meet some amazing folks.

At Folk on the Rocks in Yellowknife, we were holed up for 2 days with a bunch of artists from across the country. The goal was to write a full set of music and perform it Saturday night at the festival. I was really blown away by the acts we collaborated with - Ilannaat, two throat singers from Rankin Inlet and Nelson Tagoona, an incredible Beatboxer Throat Singer from Baker Lake. Jaffa Road, a great heart widening band from Toronto, Travis, Paul and Carmen from Yellowknife rounded out the group. Pretty inspiring musicians. Friends for life.

The north is full of people doing amazing things. Living in some of the harshest conditions on earth with a full sense of community and love. Music festivals are such a wonderful way to bring people together and I feel lucky to be a part of it all.

Crooked Bros at FOTR Crooked Bros at FOTR Crooked Bros at FOTR Crooked Bros at FOTR Crooked Bros at FOTR

Photo Credits: Darwin Baker, Patrick Kane & Frozen Eyes Photographic Society.

More Italy!

We are back from Italy. What an amazing tour - the food and wine were unparalleled, the people so hospitable and the shows were great. Hey! Modena! Let's stop for some balsamic vinegar! Hey! Parma, Reggio! Let's stop for some Parmesan Reggiano! Hey!... Migawd, Italians know how to cook. One of my favs was the Strazza Preti in Poggio Berni - Strangled Priest Pasta. And the coffee... life will never be the same.

The last 5 days of our tour we were joined by our friend and artist Kyle Scheurmann who took some photos on an old SLR.
Click here to view:
Darwin in Ialy
Check out his website:


After a great week in France eating nothing but bread and cheese and drinking nothing but wine and two days in Belgium eating nothing but meat and drinking nothing but beer, we're off to Italia. It's only been one day and I've eaten ravioli with walnut sauce, a basil, tomato pizza, melon with prosciutto and drank a bunch of wine and a cappucino. La vita e bella. The food in europe is so amazing, especially here in Italy. Everyone is growing it everywhere, it is so localized and delicious and makes me sad for the state of our food in Canada. Can we figure it out? Summer's coming - support your local farmers markets!

Photo credit: Carly Dow

Click here to see more of our Europe photos!


We've been out at the Cloverdale House making a new record. Here's a transcript of the typical goings-on:


Jesse: yeah, that's solid - the GOOINGA-GOOINGA-DU-ING-GA-DU-ING-GA-DU-ING-GA is a bit rushed.

Darwin: This is a good take.

Click to see more photos!

A week in the big smoke!

FAI was wonderful, overwhelming and full of great people and amazing music. Good to see our long missed conspirators from across the continent. Everybody in one place at the same time. Dundas and Yonge. The highlight of the trip though was our show at Nipissing where we spent 2 days with Yan and Sherry and the goats and chickens at Piebird. We played to a packed house with Jenny Ritter and Dave Newberry (both of whom's songs choked me up) and spent a good chunk of time outside playing and waking around, visiting goats. It was nice to have a good mix of urban toronto excitement and rural ontario down/funtime. Can't wait to go back already!

Click to see more photos of our time in Ontario!

Crooked Weekend in Forget

Don and Shannon had us out for a third trip to The Happy Nun in Forget, Saskatchewan for a beautiful weekend. We were paired with Crooked Creek, from Big River SK... it was so nice to share a bill with such great musicians and songwriters. The best part of the weekend, in my opinion, was that we were able to stick around for saturday afternoon hanging out around the house and walking around Forget. There was mitt-size hoar frost, Darwin completed a 750 piece puzzle and Matt read science books in the bathtub. And the food... oh, the food.

hoar frost in Forget

Click to see more photos of our time in Forget!


Everywhere is so beautiful. All the people we've met are amazing. This is our kind of place.

We are up here for a Home Routes concert tour. We couldn't be more excited about it.

Click to see more photos from the Yukon!

Winnipeg! We're home and putting on our biggest show yet...
November 10th at the West End Cultural Centre.

Cooking up a new batch of songs.
We've got some new tricks up our sleeve and can't wait to show you!!!
Get your tickets in advance... they're cheaper.

Tickets $15 advance / $20 door
Available at The West End Cultural Centre, Ticketmaster and Winnipeg Folk Festival Music Store

Buy them online: RIGHT HERE!!

See you in a couple of weeks,


I'm baking bread today. Thinking of following through with cookies, but a nap may be in order instead!

Crooked Brothers are now on Twitter!


Follow us: @crookedbrothers
This may be a recipe for disaster. Crooked Twitter?!
Probably overdue but I'm still learning to use my email...

... OR ...
send us something by good old fashioned POST:

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We'd love to hear from you either way!!!

M, and The Crooked Brothers

We are happy to be back from tour settling into life in Manitoba. We had a great summer of touring east and west and have lots of fun stuff lined up later in the fall, stay tuned!

In the meantime, here's a video from a fun show we played at the Dakota Tavern in Toronto this summer:

Europe Tour Photos

Poland? Poland!

It's been a while now, but I've had some time to process the trip to europe. We were so fortunate to tour in Poland and Czech on our first time to the continent. Eating the greatest perogies, sauerkraut, cabbage rolls and borscht... it felt like we were back in Manitoba again! The folks at Cafe Mlynek in Krakow may be the best in the world. What a town, what great people. What amazing food and love for life. I can't wait to come back. Perhaps I will even try to learn some of these ridiculous languages.

Crooked Broters in Europe
An olive oil grindstone and a small town in tuscany, Zoe at cafe singer in krakow, a street in Firenze.

Crooked Broters in Europe
Mural in Praha, Zoe at Caf� Singer, Matt's shake-face, masks in Firenze.

Crooked Broters in Europe
Darwin getting a speeding ticket in rural Poland, some polish buskers playing beatles tunes, flowers in italy and matt and zoe on a windowsill in Praha.

Crooked Broters in Europe

Crooked Broters in Europe
Grain Elevator in Punnichy, Saskatchewan, Margaret Laurence's House in Neepawa, Manitoba (days after returning from europe)- Felt good to be home!

I'm Sorry I Didn't Stay Longer, Switzerland - Next Time

The Willisau Spring Bluegrass Festival was one of the most wonderful festivals I've ever been to. In a mountain valley outside of the town of Willisau in an agricultural museum we play alongside 200 year old farming implements to some of the most fun loving, easy going people I've ever met. Over the hill from the festival, a cacophony of cowbells rings steadily like finely tuned singing bowls, flooding the valley. A sound I will never forget, a sound that fills the soul.

At the European World of Bluegrass we meet our sisters Oh My Darling from Winnipeg. Like seeing family.

In the south of Netherlands, a few great shows, one of which is in a historic a 70 year old jazz bar in Eindhoven.

At Marco's house, we try hagelslag for the first time. I don't think I could do it every day, but chocolate sprinkles on toast is a good thing to experience at least once.

At Albert's house in The Hague, a great room of world travellers who collaborate in one of the most nutritious potlucks I've ever eaten. Thanks for all the vegetables everybody- well needed.

In Trier, Germany, a fantastic wine bar where other Marco and other-other Marco shows us his incredible selection - I have never tasted a white wine I have loved so much. While I am sitting on the patio in front of the Brunnenhof Cafe, looking up at the Roman City Gate (the oldest building north of the Alps) drinking a 2010 Reisling from a winery who blew up the side of a hill to make room for a new vineyard, I think about how surreal this tour is. Every day we are overwhelmed with unusual, amazing happenings. It's been nice to sit back and let them happen.

If we move as water, through streets of stone, or through country soil
towards a canal, creek or river, or to the ocean, we see and feel the world
not as an outsider, but as a giver of life, in a complex network of beings.

If we move as air, through trees in rows, through windmills, or through burning wood,
in combustion, in heat, we light the world as a god, or spirit, as a friend of sight.
We are forever a part of this great conspiracy.


From Hamburg

Au revoir France. From Paris we traveled to Southern France to stay in a country home outside of Bordeaux drinking the best wine in the world and rigolent with some of the funniest folks in the country. From there to Spijkerboor, Netherlands and some more of the most amazing people on the planet at Cafe 't Keerpunt. Oh, the bitters! Then Belgium. So kind and hospitable. Cowboy Up in Waardamme for so many reasons, the most of which being the amazing family who owns it, Nick, Anna, Jesse and Lane. The music and the food (!!!) And now to the land of sausage and beer - Deutschland! This is a trip.

I have been thinking about being away from Manitoba. Being on the road and in a new place every day. Turning every new place into my home. Settling in. Our time in Southern France was unique for that reason. We had an old country house to ourselves, with the greatest neighbours to laugh and drink wine with. And Belgium! The hospitality in Europe is without equal.

Outside blue shutters on the stone patio
Matt practices banjo runs in the sun

Below me through the wood floor,
Darwin practices finger style guitar in a white room

Somewhere in this old farmhouse,
Zoe practices upright bass which I can feel vibrate in the walls

I am struck by a guilty motivation
to practice my instrument - the mandolin.

Instead, i sit at a desk with the window open
practicing speaking to you, the reader I have not met

but with whom I wish to connect
in some truth, or humour

If I practice enough, perhaps you will hear the wind
in the tall swaying trees, swelling like the waves of the ocean,
blowing strong today.

Or perhaps you will see the hard shadow
of the afternoon sun on my paper
move with the strafe of my pen and hand.

If I practice enough, perhaps you will visit me
at my desk,
thinking about you.


Here is a clip from our show in Netherlands last week

European Tour Update #1- Paris!

Every morning, we wake up in an expensive french dream
The little room we've rented is seven stories up
The bathtub is a sink, the sink is a bowl
The toilet's in the closet, and it feels like the Ritz...

Crooked Broters in Paris- Photo by Harald Zängerle
Photo by Harald Zängerle

We spend the days on the corner, or in the park
Singing and laughing and playing songs
dodging the rain and the police.
We'd planned on busking up our rent and food
but somewhere between our hearing Paris
was a warm welcome home for buskers
and our arrival... it's become illegal.

Everyone who isn't wearing a uniform
makes us feel so welcome and loved
but give it twenty minutes
and we're waltzing with the cops.
They're nice folks too to be honest,
but they make us feel like scum
for playing music in the streets.
So... thumbs down coppers!

Crooked Broters in Paris- Photo by Harald Zängerle
Photo by Harald Zängerle

Cooking dinner on the cheap.
Watching the sunset over the city.
We sneak away into the night
With bottles of wine, come home for the sunrise.
Flying down all the crooked cobble streets on bicycles...
Through the colors and smells of markets in the morning.
It's a maze but somehow so easy to get around here.

Looking forward to the start of tour...
but loving this expensive séjour en Paris.

More soon!

Crooked Broters in Paris- Photo by Harald Zängerle
Photo by Harald Zängerle


Mississipi Delta, shining like a National Guitar... Oh, the music that came out of this town - dirty, mucky... It's hard to believe we stood in the same spot where Sittin' On The Dock Of The Bay, Soulfinger, Shaft, Soul Man and Green Onions were recorded. We ate enough BBQ and crawfish to last the rest of the year or more.

It was an honour to meet some of the best music makers from across North America at Folk Alliance, what a five day gong show. Our first foray in to the United States was a good one, thanks Memphis!

The Crooked Bothers on Memphis Trolley from elida on Vimeo.

New Video- Bluebirds

Well... I made a music video. It came together despite my persistent doubts about improper 8mm exposures, the possibility of my ancient camera not working at all, my ineptitude with editing and post production, and my overall cinematographic inexperience. This being said, I am so happy with how it turned out... We have a music video! The song Bluebirds was written one november afternoon at falcon lake (in the most serious time of of year) and I hoped to capture the great goings on in the place I call home during that season. It really is a brilliant place, especially in the winter. I realized that so many good friends ended up in this video, aren't friends the best?

-Jesse Crooked

Western Tour Update #2

We played a wonder show at the Wunderbar last night in Edmonton! The Low Flying Planes joined us and the room was spilling over with good good people. The street howling with a humbling whipping cold wind, and we couldn't believe the tenacity of the folks who waited outside to get in when the bar reached capacity.

It all happened so fast though... it was over before I knew it had started. Tour's like that sometimes. A different town every day. It does something incredible to my sense of time. You spend all day driving, thinking about all the beautiful friends and family you love and haven't seen for the better of a year. Then all of a sudden - you're out the car, you're loading gear, you're sound checking, you're eating something QUICK before the show starts, you're in the crowd, you're on the stage, you're off the stage, you're loading gear. And the night's over, and you've hardly had a chance to really have a good solid conversation with those people you day dreamed of seeing all afternoon. We're already on the road, halfway to Turner Valley, Alberta. See you next time Edmonton... you've got something special going on..

Western Tour Update #1

It might seem crazy to hit the highway in this deep freeze, but getting in the van and driving to Saskatoon was a great way to spend the day. On the stereo: Rodriguez, Bill Callahan and Gil Scott Heron. It's day one of our winter tour and we're all in good spirits - laughing and smiling hard into the cold wind.

Jesse and I are bent over and wheezing laughing exhausted. We've just invented a new tour sport somehow involving a bouncy ball and the arm rest of a futon. Making diving catches and working on our short game. Brilliant saves. The rallies are getting phenomenal. Breaking out in sweats and fits of laughter. It's so good to be on the road again.

Matt at the wheel Darwin on tour

Visit the Snowdance Webpage

Sunday, January 15

All day free music festival at the Falcon Ridge Ski Chalet

As you may or may not know, when not playing music we spend our time out on Falcon Lake in the Whiteshell Provincial Park (Manitoba) running a small ski hill. Random as it may seem, the ski hill (Falcon Ridge Ski and Recreation Area) is the perfect job for touring musicians; seasonal, intermittent and fun. Matt runs the kitchen and is a whiz over the grill, making delicious food and delivering comedy over the intercom when orders are up. Darwin runs around doing odd jobs, helping the small mechanic team fix the t-bar, rope tows, snow machines and groomers, occasionally clearing x-country trails. I (Jesse) tend to keep in my hole (the rental shop) fitting boots, skis, snowboards and fixing whatever comes my way. I can usually manage to McGyver just about any old thing back into working order so someone can get back on the slopes. And I get to choose the music that plays in the chalet.

In fact, the better part of the staff at Falcon Ridge are musicians. There is Ben Hadaller of Bog River working the lifts and teaching snowboarding, Taylor Ashton of Fish & Bird selling hot chocolates and Matt's "Cheese Benson's", all three members of Red Moon Road working in the kitchen, in the rental shop and on the lifts, and other budding young musicians can be found scattered around the slopes and in the ski chalet. Music is a big part of the Falcon Ridge experience.

One thing about running a ski hill is that you are tied to the weather much like a farmer growing crops is. This has not been a great winter so far for snow, and the hill has suffered for it, however thanks to the glory of snow making technology we have managed to produce a good stock of the white stuff, and the slopes are looking pretty good. Now all we needed was to get people out on the slopes, and perhaps do a little sacrifical snow dancing to appease the snow gods, and so began the concept of Snow Dance! On Sunday, January 15 we are going to be hosting an all day music festival in the ski chalet featuring the familar faces of Falcon Ridge: Bog River, Oh My Darling, Red Moon Road, Virgil's Auntie and the Vigilanties, and of course, yours truly.

Come on down and check out this great little Manitoba ski hill, and take in some great live music and atmosphere while you are at it! Click for more info!

Prairie City Sound Video

We were happy to spend the day last week with the folks from Prairie City Sound, a couple guys who are doing a pretty cool video blog series with local and touring artists performing in unique locations around the city. Here's the finsihed product:

A Fall full of Touring, Album releases, and Showcases

We've been on the road for over two months now. It seems like long ago since our CD release party in Winnipeg (a concert that a warmth of feeling that no words could express). We've just returned to Manitoba from BC. Hiking to hot springs, swimming in rivers and seeing good friends and from southern Ontario, where we met up with so many beautiful musicians, sharing music in hallways, stairwells, lobbies, and hotel rooms until sunrise for several days straight. As fun as the road has been, it feels good to be back in our home province. The yellow leaves are still clinging to the birch and poplar and they tamaracks followed suit with their needles. We're getting ready for a winter of holing up, writing and filming a video or two. That being said, we'll be playing shows around Winnipeg while we get to know the prairies again, this time with a new album!

Album Release Show

The finale to our fantastic album release at the WECC- September 23, 2011. Joined on stage by friends from Fish and Bird and Jenny Berkel. To see more photos from the show, go to our Facebook page

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