Summer News!


It’s festival season again!
It’s a Thursday, in June
Just after the solstice

A wet shirt draped over the back of every chair
Socks on curtain rods

My dryer is broken
Has never worked

I’ve got a bag full of damp clothes
A banjo, a guitar, and a plane ticket to Iqaluit

If you’d have asked me if I ever thought I’d get to see a place like Baffin Island,
a few years ago I may never have dreamed of it.
Or it would have seemed just that – a dream, some far off wish.
But lately, anything seems possible.
Dreams coming true before I can even dream them.
A beautiful strange theme in my life.

We’ve just come home from England where we played the Great Escape.
A festival on the sea full of incredible bands I’d never heard of.
Buffalo Daughter from Japan blew my mind…
Their show left me wide eyed and breathless.
Furious guitar tones and metronome time and moog and playful spoken sung lines full of pop and snarl. New favourite band. Hands down.

Iqaluit this weekend, to play Alianait.
To visit and laugh and make music with our friends.
(Kathleen, I hope you’re ready for this.)
To witness the softness of late-night light when the sun hardly sets
Maybe I’ll get another throat singing lesson or two…

In July, we’re playing at the South Country Fair alongside some of my favourite songwriters. Kris Demeanor for instance. You don’t know Kris Demeanor?
He wrote this piece of brilliance: I Have Seen The Future.

And then we’re off to Kispiox, where we’ve wanted to play for years now and are finally make it happen. Trees and lakes and mountains and it’s been way too long since we had a little road trip through B.C. Inevitably we end up pulling over because it’s too beautiful to go on driving, and we pile out of the car and run up some hill or through some patch of forest until we’re panting and exhausted.

Festivals are my happy place.
Barefoot and full of music and good foodstall food and dancing in the sun or the rain. Finding a new favourite band. Making a new friend. Every single person in a good mood. On vacation. It’s a good good time.

Is there a festival near you we should come play?
Tell me about it… and I’ll see what I can do!